Web 2.0 Application Development

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Web 2.0 Application


Blind Dating Online is the world’s first Blind Dating site. We believe that Relationships are Build on Conversation and Bonding not just on Appearance. One can chat here; blog here, date here, play games, and many more. Just register you and log in to make friends. The criteria is just to make people interact each other without looking their photograph and the only condition that one can see the pic is that they have to send about 10 to 12 message to each other then only the site will permit them to look up to the photograph, up to then they have to use only site provided pics. Furthermore, you may also decide and separate your favorite friend list from here. Besides this, Blind Dating will first provide you with friends in your city, if that don't suit you then further state, country and so on. And, a male can have friendship with a female here only and vice verse that too another interesting features of this site. Overall blind dating is just a treat for all the youngsters.


Front End, Back End Design & Developement

PHP 5.0.3, MySQL 5.0, Jquery, Ajax, FFMPEG, MPlayer, FLV Tool, FFMPEG-php, Paypal payment gateway